Recommended Bengal Products

Here's a list of some of our favorite products. Our bengal cats have vigorously tested and approve of all of these products! 

Cat Trees

Bengals really love to be able to perch somewhere up high. A cat tree for a bengal is a must. They will really love you for it. Most of these also have solid color options that are a little cheaper. 

72 inch

80 inch

62 inch

60 inch

52 inch

28 inch

32 inch

45 inch

door cat tree

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Bengal cats really really enjoy these!  Ours sometimes fight over who's turn it is to run on the wheel!  Here's a link to the newest 

one that sells for $199.  Other brands sell for $350-$500.

City Kitty Cat Potty Training

Toilet train you Bengal!!!  This really works! I've had many of my clients use this kit to potty train their Bengals. Only $29 and so worth never scooping or buying expensive cat litter. Find it here on Amazon.

PetSafe Ssscat Cat Spray Deterrent 

This is one of the best cat products I have ever bought! Not only is it good for cats, but you can use it to scare the crap out of your kids! It took ONE spray from this and Katie never jumped on my counter again. Amazing...  SSSCat Cat Deterrent is $29.95 on Amazon.  You will get 80-100 sprays out of one can and the refills are here for  $7.45.

These are SO great! Keeps kitty out of trouble! 


We give this to all of our babies everyday and highly recommend it. For more information click NuVet Plus and why you should give your kitty vitamins go to this page

Dry Cat Food

We feed our kitties a wonderful brand of food called Diamond Naturals Active Cat which is made in the USA. Bengals MUST have high protein food! We order ours from Amazon or $25.99 a bag which is the exact same price it is at the pet stores. Please be sure to have at least one bag of this food to start your new kitten on and you can switch later if you choose to.

In addition to dry cat food our babies are also fed canned food and organic chicken. 

high protein foods for bengal cats.png
feeding bengals.png
trusted brands of cat food.png
quality cat food.png
Wet Cat Food

Here's some of our favorite wet foods that we use and recommend. I like to switch it up with the wet food and unlike switching dry food abruptly it won't cause tummy upset. Remember when choosing wet food to avoid by-products and look for not only grain free but one that says no corn, wheat, or soy. 

Love this one! Has lots of organ meats!

These two are good quality and great value. Purina $0.33 cents an ounce and Wellness $0.41 cents an ounce. 


Any time we see any of our kitties have tummy issues we always treat with probiotics. Cooked chicken along a good probiotic will help get cats and kittens back to normal as quick as possible. 

Toys Toys Toys!!!

Bengal cats love to play with toys! The more the better! We like to rotate what toys we have out for them to keep it interesting. We have tested out so many different types and brands. Here's some of our favorite ones. 

SmartyKat FishFlop Crinkle Catnip Toy. Bengals LOVE these cat nip infused crinkle fish! The size, shape, and texture must be just ideal to them because I find that all my fetching bengals started fetching these toys first. Some of them will only fetch these fish. I get mine from Amazon for $3.  

Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive cat toys are wonderful for learning and keeping your cat busy. They are especially good if your cat will be alone while you're at work. Here's some really great choices. 

For interactive toys that swing a feather or teaser around the round rolling style bases are best. If you get one with a flat base your bengal will knock it over no matter how heavy the base is. 

These interactive puzzle toys for cats are amazing. Bengals are very smart cats. You kitty will love the challenge of these toys and they will keep them busy for hours.  

Here's a few more of our cats favorite interactive toys. Your kitty will have fun hunting the mice or chasing the balls.

Scratch Posts

Scratch posts are a must for new kittens. They need to have a place to sharpen their claws. The ones our cats like best are the ones made of sisal. It's great to get a few extra small ones (like the first one below for $5.97) and hang them from doorknobs or using command hooks. That way no matter what room your kitty is in they have a special spot to scratch. TIP: spray catnip spray on the scratchers to attract you cat to them and lessen the chance of them scratching furniture. 

Special Spots

Your cat will absolutely LOVE any of these special nap spots. Bengals love to be up high and these are the perfect wall or window mounted spots just for them. 

This one is a set of three. It includes a hide out, hammock nap spot, and step. We have this for our cats.

Ultimate window seat for kitty! Heavy duty suction cups so you won't have to put any holes in your wall.

Hide Outs & Beds

Cats love to curl up in a cozy spot and have a nap. They also love to ambush friends, toys, and people! Here's some of our favorite beds and hide outs for Bengals.

One of my clients told me about this and how much her bengal loved it. I ordered one and wow! They will play in this for hours!

ID Tags and Walking Harnesses

For cats you want an ID tag no bigger than 1 inch in diameter. They really don't like anything too big swinging from their neck. You can order a customized one with all your info on it for your baby so you know if they get out they will find their way back to you. Here's some nice options that are 1 inch or a little less and this size will be perfect for kittens or adults. 

If you want to take your kitty out exploring the safest way to do it is on a walking harness. Bengals learn to walk on a leash just like a dog would. (a little faster in my opinion) 

Water Fountains

Bengal love love love very fresh water. If you want to splurge you can get your bengal a water fountain to drink from. The other benefit is that drinking fountains filter the water. Our bengals only have filtered water at our house. I wouldn't let my children drink tap water and I'm not going to let my cat babies drink it either. Here's some of our favorite cat fountains. TIP: Some bengals will drink from the toilet if their water isn't fresh enough. Remember to not use chemicals in the toilet or keep the lid shut. 

Carrying Kennels
Pet Cologne 

For those of you wanting to know what spray I used that made your kitten smell so good when you took them home, here ya go! :) 

Girls spray

Boys spray

Cleaning Products

Whether it's a cat, dog, or kid if an accident happens you will want to use a highly effective enzymatic cleaning product. These are the most effect products that I have found for cleaning pet stains. They also have a massive amount of reviews on amazon with high star ratings. I use a combination of each and always use the orange one last because it's got a really nice smell. In my experience Natural's Miracle is just a huge waste of money. 

Cool Stuff for Pet Parents

Animal Hearted has shirts, apparel, and gifts for animal lovers. They have some of the funniest cat and dog shirts I've ever seen!  Every time I look there's new ones too.  I've already ordered a few for myself and one for my sister.  The company is very generous and 25% of the proceeds goes to helping dogs, cats, and other animals. You can also have your pets picture put right on a shirt! I'll likely be wearing one of their shirts when you pick up your kitty. :) 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. All products on this page have been bengal cat approved by our cats or our client's cats.